A housing co-op in Vancouver's newest sustainable community.


Co-op and building details 

Q: What is a housing co-op?

A: See a full explanation of non-profit housing co-ops on the CHF BC website.

Q: What kind of amenities does the co-op have?

A: In addition to the sustainability features, there are shared common spaces, bicycle parking, shared on-site laundry and limited automobile parking.

Q: What kind of appliances are in the suites?

A: Each suite comes with an Energuide fridge and stove. Some larger suites have in-suite washer-dryers.

Financial details

Q: Are subsidies available for low-income households?

A: No.  But we are able to offer some units at below market housing charges. See Housing charges page for more details. Right now, only 2-bedroom units at market rates are available for new members.

Q: Will my housing charge go up, even if I am in a below market unit?

A: Yes. The housing charge will go up as required by the operating agreement with the City.

Q: If I receive a subsidy through BC Housing can I transfer to the co-op?

A: No. The Southeast False Creek development and Athletes Village Housing Co-op is not in BC Housing’s portfolio. The below market housing charges are possible for some of the suites because of an investment by the City of Vancouver.

Q: If I’m a senior am I still eligible for SAFER?

A: No. As a member of a housing co-op you do not meet the eligibility requirements for SAFER.

Neighbourhood questions

Q. Where can I find information about the City-owned rentals in the Southeast False Creek development?

A. You can get complete details on these two buildings on the rental buildings’ website.

 Q: Is there a daycare on site?

A: There is a daycare in the neighbourhood community centre, and some of the units within the community are designed to accommodate family daycare providers.

Q: May I have a pet?

A: Members are allowed up to a total of two cats or two dogs, or one dog and one cat. There are breed restrictions on dogs. Dogs must be leashed at all times when outside the units.

  View of the children's play area and courtyard

View of the lobby